South American Circus Comes to Town

On Friday, friends and I did something we can’t remember doing before: we went inside to watch a circus performance!

As animal advocates, we usually don’t attend circuses. But this circus was different.

The circus we saw, Fantazia, had no exotic animals…..and only four canine performers. The ‘pups’ seemed perfectly happy and provided with good care.

Above is my best take-away photo of the night: that is the Ring-mistress standing in the center of a steel cage, while her two sons zoom around her on motorcycles in various directions! What a sight :)


Birmingham snow


Birmingham Snow

First it snowed…and felt very ‘other-worldly’…


Snow Sun

Then the sun came out…and I remembered how much I loved blue…

Take me out to the ball game

Can you hear their voices?¬† The laughter, excitement and anticipation of the game. ‘Tickets please’ rings out as patrons line-up to enter historical Rickwood Park. The rich heritage of this place still beats in our hearts.

They played here, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Burleigh Grimes, Willie Mays and many others. Each brought their special chapter to America’s oldest baseball park located in Birmingham, Alabama.

The park is active today with college and high school games.


This print is one in a collection of ‘Baseball Memories’ available at my Etsy shop.

Telling Canine Eye

On Saturday, October 22 2011, BJC Animal Control, Dog Days of Birmingham, and Bama Bully Rescue collaborated to celebrate the National Day of Pit Bull Awareness and Halloween fun for canines and care-givers.

Participating area animal rescues, pet-food businesses, professional animal-care providers, and a political organization (AVRAL) supportive of companion-animals  made the event educational and fun.

This pup, available for adoption at the event, shared his knowing and willingness for the next part of his life-adventure through his expressive eye.

You can see an album from the event here.


East Lake Farmers Market 1st Annual Zucchini 500

They’re Off! This is how to mix fun and nutrition education :)

East Lake Farmers Market Zucchini 500 Most Nutritious Winner 061111

East Lake Farmers Market Zucchini 500 Creativity Winner 061111