Update on Nashville Canada Geese

Canada Geese Enjoying Seed and Sharing

Here they are enjoying the seed … and sharing with their cousins … white ducks and Mallards too :)


Nashville TN 01072014

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Canada Geese Communicate Well When We Pay Attention

Canada Geese Fly At Me Hoping For A Handout

First they flew madly ‘at’ me … taking flight almost as soon as I got out of my car

The Well Are You Going To Give Me Something To Eat Goose Stare

Then they gave me ‘the stare’… as only Canada Geese can do.

Canada Geese Stroll Across Frozen Pond in Nashville TN

When I couldn’t respond with something for them to eat … they turned on their heels and marched back across the frozen  pond to the opening in the ice, that they had created.

Onelegged Sentry

Here is a one-legged sentry, protecting the family … … … while I go to the store to get wild-bird seed  :)

(He’s not really one-legged, he’s just standing on one leg.)

Nashville TN 01072014

(You may click on images to see them larger.)