South American Circus Comes to Town

On Friday, friends and I did something we can’t remember doing before: we went inside to watch a circus performance!

As animal advocates, we usually don’t attend circuses. But this circus was different.

The circus we saw, Fantazia, had no exotic animals…..and only four canine performers. The ‘pups’ seemed perfectly happy and provided with good care.

Above is my best take-away photo of the night: that is the Ring-mistress standing in the center of a steel cage, while her two sons zoom around her on motorcycles in various directions! What a sight :)


Winter window reflections

Looking through a front window of the special events hall at Avondale Villa in east Birmingham. The Villa sits high on a hill behind Avondale Park.

You know, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is usually considered a time of reflection and determining goals for the new year.

For me,  that’s just not enough time :)  I’m still pondering, contemplating, and, yes, reflecting…….literally and figuratively.

Looking at the photo above, I wonder……do we see more clearly in reflection or in direct observance?  My guess is there are benefits to both :)

And so I continue my musing….

BTW Did you know that today is Friday, the 13th day of January? I’m not superstitious, but… careful :)