Where is…..


Where is King Kong ?!?!?!         Sorry,  my first reaction  :)

I enjoy architecture too…specifically straight lines, angles, and circles.


Blue-sky reflections


Reflections on a commercial building.

Another kind of reflection  :)

Winter window reflections

Looking through a front window of the special events hall at Avondale Villa in east Birmingham. The Villa sits high on a hill behind Avondale Park.

You know, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is usually considered a time of reflection and determining goals for the new year.

For me,  that’s just not enough time :)  I’m still pondering, contemplating, and, yes, reflecting…….literally and figuratively.

Looking at the photo above, I wonder……do we see more clearly in reflection or in direct observance?  My guess is there are benefits to both :)

And so I continue my musing….

BTW Did you know that today is Friday, the 13th day of January? I’m not superstitious, but…..be careful :)