South American Circus Comes to Town

On Friday, friends and I did something we can’t remember doing before: we went inside to watch a circus performance!

As animal advocates, we usually don’t attend circuses. But this circus was different.

The circus we saw, Fantazia, had no exotic animals…..and only four canine performers. The ‘pups’ seemed perfectly happy and provided with good care.

Above is my best take-away photo of the night: that is the Ring-mistress standing in the center of a steel cage, while her two sons zoom around her on motorcycles in various directions! What a sight :)


Update on Nashville Canada Geese

Canada Geese Enjoying Seed and Sharing

Here they are enjoying the seed … and sharing with their cousins … white ducks and Mallards too :)


Nashville TN 01072014

(You may click on the image to see it larger.)

Canada Geese Communicate Well When We Pay Attention

Canada Geese Fly At Me Hoping For A Handout

First they flew madly ‘at’ me … taking flight almost as soon as I got out of my car

The Well Are You Going To Give Me Something To Eat Goose Stare

Then they gave me ‘the stare’… as only Canada Geese can do.

Canada Geese Stroll Across Frozen Pond in Nashville TN

When I couldn’t respond with something for them to eat … they turned on their heels and marched back across the frozen  pond to the opening in the ice, that they had created.

Onelegged Sentry

Here is a one-legged sentry, protecting the family … … … while I go to the store to get wild-bird seed  :)

(He’s not really one-legged, he’s just standing on one leg.)

Nashville TN 01072014

(You may click on images to see them larger.)


Then came Amelia…

She was the fairest of the fowl in the land of Avon.  Her feathers so soft, and yet crisply white. She was the epitome of grace, as she glided on the  royal blue lake.

The sight of her reminded everyone,  how beautiful well-bred country girls could be. There was strength in her neck and knowing in her soft eyes.

She, too was of the Birmingham Winggs. And her life, for now at least, was just ducky :)

First greeting

After a leisurely walk about the park, exploring the amphitheater and walking trails, I settled on a park bench perched upon a knoll, perfect for viewing the lake.

My first greeting was from an audaciously vocal young fellow, who said his name was Banter Winggs, of the Birmingham Winggs.

He said I was welcome in the park, but I must always remember that the park is home to him and his family. I am a visitor, and he would appreciate it if I wouldn’t muss things up too much.  You know, be a considerate visitor.

I agreed, and off he went, chatting-up everybody about what a beautiful day it was and what a nice place the park was to live.

I sat back on the bench, watching him make his way, thankful for the encounter, and smiled.

The Winggs family

Birmingham has not always been my home. After some time away, I returned with new-eyes, a fresh perspective, exploring a new understanding of some of this city’s residents.

I was drawn to one watering-hole, hopeful to meet kindred spirits…