Winter window reflections

Looking through a front window of the special events hall at Avondale Villa in east Birmingham. The Villa sits high on a hill behind Avondale Park.

You know, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is usually considered a time of reflection and determining goals for the new year.

For me,  that’s just not enough time :)  I’m still pondering, contemplating, and, yes, reflecting…….literally and figuratively.

Looking at the photo above, I wonder……do we see more clearly in reflection or in direct observance?  My guess is there are benefits to both :)

And so I continue my musing….

BTW Did you know that today is Friday, the 13th day of January? I’m not superstitious, but… careful :)


2 responses to “Winter window reflections

  1. What synchronicity that you write about reflection. Several weeks ago I was guided to look up all the references to the word reflection in the book Science and Health. I love Mary Baker Eddy’s description that we are the reflection of God’s Love, made in His image and likeness. Man is spiritual not material. Thanks for the lovely photo and it’s, interesting that your head seems to disappear in the reflection. :-D

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