Cotton Ball

Knowing this is not your typical Holiday Season image, I have pondered and pondered about adding it here.  But I really like it, so here it is :)

Growing-up in rural south Alabama, I had always considered myself a country-girl of sorts.  It was not until a recent walk-about at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, that I realized I had never seen cotton growing up-close-and-personal.

Here it is, a cotton ball, in all its natural beauty and softness. If you look closely,  you can see strands of fibers.

I wanted to poke my fingers through the nylon fence and touch my find, but I opted to capture the beauty and simplicity to share with you via my camera.

Sure, some may think this a silly post in the midst of the Holiday Season. But think of it as ‘white noise,’  a peaceful break from the green-red-and-gold, a moment of silence from the ever-playing music and sales announcements, and a reconnection with nature in the days when no-one seems to be slowing down to smell any flowers.

Enjoy :)


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