New goose-chicks at the park

Click thumbnails to see closeups of the chicks.



5 responses to “New goose-chicks at the park

  1. Victoria,

    I’m sure you are aware of the story in “The Birmingham News” today regarding the Birmingham Airport Authority killing 250 geese at East Lake Park yesterday. The story states that it was Canadian geese that were killed…though I have heard differently…plus one would think that since it is now late June in Alabama that the Canadian geese should have migrated back north months ago. These pictures that you took (GREAT photography Victoria…truly!) though appear to be of domestic geese. Victoria, could you please indicate whether the majority of the geese you saw last week while taking these pictures at East Lake Park were domestic geese or Canadian geese?

    Thank you in advance for any help that you might provide regarding this matter!

  2. Thank you so much for the update Victoria! I’m just so sorry that the answer was as I had heard and feared! Such a sad, sad story and so senseless! Please keep us updated (and, if you would like, I will pass along any further information I receive as well). Just to get an idea Victoria…and if you care to speculate…about how many domestic geese do you think were killed and how many Canada geese? Odd that the Birmingham Airport Authority states it was Canada geese that were killed yet there seems to be 50 of them there now. Yet they never mentioned the domestic geese which they obviously annihilated. Something is seriously WRONG with this story!

    • pita,

      In my perception, there could have been about one hundred domestic geese and fifty Canada geese at East Lake Park.

      I would really like to move this comment thread over to the Higher Ground blog ( (if you don’t mind). There I am adding additional coverage of the story, and will share anything new I learn there.

      Glad you are enjoying the photos!
      They bring me great personal joy.
      (I don’t want the photo blog marred by the very sad story of the geese. Hope you understand.)