South American Circus Comes to Town


On Friday, friends and I did something we can’t remember doing before: we went inside to watch a circus performance!

As animal advocates, we are usually outside educating the public about the exploitation of captive wildlife.

The circus we saw, Fantazia, had no exotic animals…..and only four canine performers. The ‘pups’ seemed perfectly happy and provided with good care.

Above is my best take-away photo of the night: that is the Ring-mistress standing in the center of a steel cage, while her two sons zoom around her on motorcycles in various directions! What a sight :)

New Alabama Mountain Country Page

I was doing some sports photography recently…and created a new page to house galleries of the events:

Cleveland Coach advises player Geraldine City Park  031715

Cleveland Coach advises player Geraldine City Park 031715

Feedback, constructive criticism, or recommendations for improvement would be appreciated  :)

This was a really fun project…..boys becoming young men through sport……on a fine early spring afternoon.

Vegetable Bloom Challenge

Okra II Copyright 3X4

This gorgeous bloom

is the precursor to a favorite southern vegetable.

Do you know what vegetable?

(This image is available as a print at my Etsy shop.)


Clues: The vegetable is most often green, sometimes almost white;

usually sliced, battered and fried for eating.

Were the clues helpful?   :)




Flowers From The Farm Gallery Update

Wild Orange Morning Glories Copyright 3X5


The ‘Flowers From The Farm’ gallery has been updated

with new images of surprising beauty!

 Do you know the vegetables these blossoms create?


This image may be purchased as a print at my Etsy shop.

Garden Pea Pod

Garden Pea Pod w copyright

And the answer is Garden Pea Vine!

First come the beautiful blooms

and then fresh garden peas  :)

The previous images, and more,

can be found in a new gallery

Flowers From the Farm

(located under the ‘Nature’ tab)